Rehydration of a commercial tanned cape

Submitted by Gray_Fox242 on 11/20/2002. ( )

I am looking for a straight up answer. I have a tanned sika-deer cape. It is tanned and hard. What is the solution mix I should use to rehydrate this cape. How long? Thank you to all that reply to my message.

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This response submitted by kwc on 11/20/2002. ( )

Type in "rehydrating capes" in the search icon just to your left. These are what we call "archives"...There are only about 135 entries on this subject but it might help just a little...Is that straight up enough for ya?

Follow Tanner Recomendations

This response submitted by Old Fart on 11/20/2002. ( )

Most tanners recommend a particular rehydration method for their tan. You really need to know who tanned it and follow their suggested method.

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