Nut Sack?

Submitted by Jimmy on 11/20/2002. ( )

Hey I am wondering do you guys reproduce the balls
when you do a full mount deer or other animal? If so what
size animals do you start doing this? I am wondering if it is important or not?
Thanks for all your help

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Do you mean Testicles and Scrotum?

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 11/20/2002. ( )

A good rule of thumb is. "If the animal has it put it in your mount". Judges check to see if this detail is there and can deduct points if not. Testicles are easy because the skin can be your form.

Jimmy how old are you?

This response submitted by John C on 11/20/2002. ( )

Proper sceintific terms are appropriate on this site. Come on you act like a little kid. So consider this a scolding apportioned to the rude term you used.

only when visable

This response submitted by Ron on 11/21/2002. ( )

I put scrotums (nut sacks) on all my full body deer (except does) and anything else that might actually show them except fox squirrels which are so disproportionatley large for their body size that I just can't bring myself to do it because I know that will be the first thing people talk about.
John, I have read everything from wal-mart being the beast of revelations to fish sex on this forum and you are offended by "nut sack"!. Well read this:
A guy walks into a physiciatrist office wearing only saran wrap underwear and says "doctor, do you think I have a problem". The doctor looks at him and says "Well, I can plainly see your nuts".

Ron, this site is read my many people world wide.

This response submitted by John C on 11/21/2002. ( )

Slang terms, and that is what it is, should not be used. End of story.

Nut sack would be a sack used to pick up Walnuts or Pecans.

Old fart

This response submitted by Ron on 11/21/2002. ( )

Old Fart, John says you can't post on here anymore because your name is a slang term. End of story. Perhaps you could change it to old flagellent.

Ron, how old or immature are you.

This response submitted by John C on 11/22/2002. ( )

Told on yourself little boy.

Agree with Ron

This response submitted by Jeff on 11/22/2002. ( )

Get a life must be a democrat

Not a chance Jeff.

This response submitted by John C on 11/22/2002. ( )

You guys wonder why taxidermist dot look proffesional? There thats a prime example.

I would guess your clothes are nasty with everything from brease to tobacco spit, T. spit is dripping from the corners of your mouths. five day stuble on your face, you have body oder to top that off. Wear a baseball cap that should have been thrown away three years ago. Dought that you have air conditioning in your shop. All your best friends name are Bubba. Have a yard full of barking dogs, your customers have to yell over. A old dirty nasy four wheel drive pick up with windows you cant see out of. If you could there would be CAMO brand stickers and other ludicruos saying on them.

Now do I need to say anymore about how and why your incorrect terms cause the whole industry to look bad? See because of these things, it brings a the publics view of taxidermist being rednecks.

You guys probley have not been past the state line, except to purchase beer. Have you traveled and looked at what makes PROFFESIONAL TAXIDERMY SHOP OR STUDIO. WHy they make more money than you?

Its thier attitude dude.

Drive to where noone knows you and visit some really high priced shops and see. A big city 500 miles away!

Answer to questions

This response submitted by Ron on 11/22/2002. ( )

38. Change and bath every day. Have never chewed, or smoked. Shaved everyday since I was 14. (except in elk camp) Your right about the air condition, but I took it out because my light bill was 250 smacks. Buy a new cap every year with some type of hunting logo. Have no friends named buba and one dog that wont bark at anything. Yes a dirty old four wheel drive with one NRA sticker but I made over 500 bucks trapping coyotes just this week with that baby. As far as state lines I just got back from Alaska, hows that. Once worked in a shop that did over three thousand pieces of work a year and it was nastier than my little place. John when some types LMAO after a post what does it mean and does it further the image of taxidermist? Ron

play nice

This response submitted by Patrick on 11/23/2002. ( )

Play nice guys.Guess I had better wash my truck and toss that old hat.LOL

all right I'll try,

This response submitted by Ron on 11/23/2002. ( )


Thanks John , I am still just a wannabe.

This response submitted by Don Evans on 11/23/2002. ( )

And I can Prommise you that I do not want to be anything like you. Beleive me all the hunters that I know are going to want to see the "dirty" truck, it supports who they are. Why do you come off acting like you all proper, come on how proper can a person who plays with dead animals be? Thanks

John is a yuppy

This response submitted by clara on 11/25/2002. ( )

I personally wouldnt give my work to somebody that looks down on the dirty pick up or the old camoflauge cap that the person is wearing. Some of us gals like the 5 day old face fur on our men. So take your tight wad butt and enjoy your air conditioning. My favorite people are REDNECKS (as you put it)

well while we are on the subject

This response submitted by Jon on 12/03/2002. ( )

Gawd, I want to answer to this post, but it's so dang old, that no one would read it.. so I'll save my breath.


Nut Sacks

This response submitted by little John on 01/11/2003. ( )

I enjoy the nut sack of doe. them good eatin'. I just got the Internet and I think it be a good place to pick up women and learn hunthing tips. I got the instant messenger thing so if you want to talk 'bout shooting some deer or women just "IM" me on the screen name "XLittleJohnX" wiht out the """"'s.

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