Submitted by joe on 11/21/2002. ( )

hi i have a question for someone who could help i just got back form a hunting trip where i shot a buck my question is the guide had to finish it off and cut his throat from check to cheak can i still have him mounted?

thank you for your help joe

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That guide is a idiot.

This response submitted by John C on 11/21/2002. ( )

SOmetimes that type of cut will show when mounted. But most times is a fairly easy fix, just takes sometime as the area with cut hair will need to be removed. Then sewn up. Look at $100.00 for a realy bad cut.

The deer was dieing or you would have never been able to get close enough to cut the throat.

Bad Guide

This response submitted by R. Curtis on 11/21/2002. ( )

You went with the wrong guide. Anyone who claims they are a guide should have the common sence to not do that. I would very contact the guide and tell him that he destroyed your cape and that you want another one. Make him supply the cape at no charge. Its like if I went you your house and kicked in the door of your truck, who is responsible for the damage? Who should pay? If the guy is a guide not cutting the throat is common sence, guiding 101 if you will.

Ditto to John C's title

This response submitted by Carl E on 11/21/2002. ( )

Have your taxidermist get you another cape and send that idiot "guide" the bill.
I thought that throat cutting buisiness died out long ago. Totally unecessary under any circumstance.

They guys an idiot

This response submitted by Mike on 11/22/2002. ( )

Call him and tell him thta you want you guide fee back. This guy has no clue what its all about. Hell, most hunters that go to the point of getting a guide are out for the trophy. Was this guy new or what?
Capes arent tough to come by though.

I love these stories,

This response submitted by Don Evans on 11/23/2002. ( )

of course not at your exspence.

O.J's Guide Service

This response submitted by Jake on 11/23/2002. ( )

Who was your guide? O.J. Simpson? A fellow brought me a big 17 point last year. Now if you shoot a 17 point I would think you would take alot of care with your trophy, but this guy says oh by the way can you fix this as he proceeded to show my the cut throat from ear to ear. My response " My God man I'm a taxidermist not a magician!"

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