Shipping Hide to Tannery

Submitted by Julee on 11/21/2002. ( )

I have a albino whitetail hide that I have salted and want to ship to a tannery. How should I package the skin? Do I need to wait 'til it completely dries before I ship it? Do I need to overnight the skin?

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This response submitted by George on 11/21/2002. ( )

The hide needs to be salted until there's no water dripping from it. Usually by 3 days of salting, most of the water is gone, but I usually wait a week after initial salting to send it. Residual salt on the skin will insure the hide keeps dry. I fold my hides after they stop dripping so I can fit them in a cardboard box. I line the bottom with absorbant paper towels, put in the hide and then cover with paper towels. Don't make the box airtight and ship it regular land freight.

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