Aussie Taxidermist needing Aussie species.

Submitted by TravvyQ on 11/21/2002. ( )

Ok, i was just wondering if anybody out there knows where i can get hold of mannikins for Australian species, such as Kangaroo, dingo, wombat and wild pig. Fish forms and painting schemes for species such as Murray cod and Barramundi. Birds i'd like to do are (lawfully) Kookaburras, magpie, pelican and maybe a wedge-tailed eagle or two.

I have the WASCO catalogue and all they have is American species, of which i can use fox, trout and some deer.

Another question is, how much would somebody expect to pay for a mounted deer head for example?

Also if anyone out there can point me in the right direction to find out the legals of Australian wildlife and taxidermy laws.

Thanks heaps.

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no birds of prey

This response submitted by samantha on 11/22/2002. ( )

Hello Trav.
I do know you need a licence to collect: 12 mnth renewable, about $35.00,from the national parks and wildlife to have any dead/stuffed,native species in your possesion.
You are not allowed to sell them. (sold they told me anyway).
You have to list every native animal/bird/reptile you have mounted, where it came from and where it is.
No raptors or birds of prey (owls inc) are allowed to be kept or mounted.
Shame really, i came across a huge wegie that had just been hit by a car, and it was in ok nick but i had to drive on and leave it there.
This is about all i know, contact the NWPS in your state.


This response submitted by mark on 12/06/2002. ( )

travvy Q

are you in australia?i know taxidermists here in australia that have some of those monthioned forms,

Any names?

This response submitted by TravvyQ on 12/09/2002. ( )

Cool, any names or addresses would be appreciated.

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