? on shaveing hides

Submitted by Tim on 11/23/2002. ( )

I just got through watching "Fleshing and Tanning basics" from WASCO.

On this video the guy (can't remember names) that was shaveing the hide was doing it with a little skinning knife on a fleshing beam. Didn't look as dificult as I imagined. Any way, you could see the uneaven cuts in the hide from shaving by hand. The next guy took the same cape and used an electric shaver/flesher for the bulk of the hide.

Now my question is, will these uneaven marks show up after it has been mounted and dried?

Thanx for the help, Tim

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This response submitted by Oddball on 11/23/2002. ( )

They will not show, unless you shave it and mount it inside out!
I will repeat this one more time, it is not HOW thin you make a hide, but how evenly you shave it! Oddball

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