Gender Question

Submitted by Annie on 11/24/2002. ( )

I am going to attempt my first red fox mount. Now don't laugh at this ,because I am serious. The fox is a male but the manikin is gender neutral. Since it is my first, should I try to fill the ###### with clay,or would it be easier to spay and stitch?

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Althis was just posted in the last week.

This response submitted by John C on 11/24/2002. ( )

Its up to you, since you are learning why not try. Use a little house dog for reference.

That would be the penis

This response submitted by LH on 11/24/2002. ( )

Annie, as taxidermists, we deal in anatomy, of which the penis and scrotum are two of many parts. To leave them off a mount because of some sophomoric sense of embarassment at even discussing them would be akin to leaving out the eyes or one ear. They're all pieces and parts of the wonderful creatures we recreate, so grab the clay and have fun. Don't be embarassed to ask questions of this type. You can bet there are a thousand other people on here wondering the exact same thing.

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