Gator video

Submitted by Croc on 11/24/2002. ( )

just thought I would drop a line to let everyone know about a new tape I just got, its from Tom Voyer, its mounting an alligator using the pack method, just got done watching it and it really is the best video I've seen in some time, the photo quality is very good and very easy to understand, and for those of you who have seen Toms previous video or have talked to him in the chat, he's pretty much the same wetnsilly he is in real life, very enjoyable and fun to watch plus informative, even if your not thinking of mounting a gator in the near future, the same procedures will work for iguanas and monitors, why not take advantage of the big exotic pet trade and learn something new, most of the taxi's around here dont do herps so it could be a good place to pick up extra business, not a pro taxi yet but I now own 25 videos and it really is one of the tops, thanks Croc

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oh yeah

This response submitted by Croc on 11/24/2002. ( )

forgot to tell you how to get it lol.TR supply carries it log on to taxidermy to view their website, they got lots of other goodies too

gator video

This response submitted by wetnwild on 11/25/2002. ( )

Thanks croc(DEREK) for the kind words. We try to produce these with a sit down and mount along with mentality. Glad you enjoyed!

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