New Squirrel Hunter Looking For Tips On Skinning

Submitted by Patrick on 11/25/2002. ( )

My question is how to skin a squirrel i'm about ready to go for a hunt but i'm still not positive on how to skin it .

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This response submitted by WP on 11/25/2002. ( )

it depends what you are going to do with it,and if your going to mount it it depends what style form you want to use.


This response submitted by Patrick on 11/25/2002. ( )

I'm Going to get it mounted.


This response submitted by Taxidermykid on 11/25/2002. ( )

Make an incision in the middle of the animals chest up by the front legs, to the back legs. Press very lightly, or you could cut into the meat. The skin down each side of the animal until you reach the back. skinning down each of the legs pulling to get the membrane exposed. After you skin to the ankel cut it with a wire cutter or tinsnips. skin down to the tail. skin around it but dont cut it off. use to pencils or similar things to strip the tail out of the hide. Pinch the tail meat with the pencils, pulling on the back legs/back of the tail. strip it out. skin down the back until you reach the base of the head. Cut the animals head off at the neck if you are useing mammal fill. If you are going to use a form skin up the head squezzing the hide going over the he to ease the membrane. Keep going until you reach the nose, then skin off. If you dont know how to get all the meat of of the skull if you are useing mammal fill then e-mail me.

Freeze it!

This response submitted by Tony on 11/25/2002. ( )

Just freeze it and pick one that is the least shot up. put it in 2 freezer bags, don't worry about a little blood on the fur! (do not wash it!) After it is frozen and you are ready take it to a taxidermist. Hope this helps, Tony (birdman41301)

Dont wash it?

This response submitted by Chad on 12/01/2002. ( )

What is to be done concerning bloody fur? I like to skin them myself but dont know all about it yet. How can i make the skin soft and odor-free?

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