Taxidermy License needed in NY State?

Submitted by Scott on 11/25/2002. ( )

I am a beginner to taxidermy and I reside in NY State, I can't find any information on wether or not I would need to get a license to practice taxidermy professionally or not and where to get info on how to obtain it? I am doing it as a hobby, but would really like to get into it more seriously. If anyone has any helpful information I would appreciate it.


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This response submitted by Bob on 11/25/2002. ( )

No You don't need a license in N.Y. anymore. You used to but no longer.
You do need a federal license if you intend to do migratory birds.

If you plan on doing work for other people

This response submitted by Ryan on 11/26/2002. ( )

You will need a tax ID #. Uncle Sam always wants to get his part of the action.

Thank You

This response submitted by Scott on 11/26/2002. ( )

Thanks for the information.


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