having problem with sewing deer

Submitted by mike on 11/27/2002. ( )

Hi every one i have a problem. I am tring to sew the cut around the antlers where the bur goes around the skin and the method of the cut is the 7 cut how do i get this to come out right and where do i start to sew the rt. or lt. side. Can anyone help?

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This response submitted by CapeFear on 11/27/2002. ( CFTaxidermy@hotmail.com )

Mike I prefer a short "Y" incision to a "7" but that's just my preference. You need to start the stitching where you started the incision. Keep them tight, even, and close as possible and you'll do fine. Good luck.

7 cut my preference

This response submitted by CHUCK on 11/28/2002. ( )

I start my stitches at the base of the antlers and run the thread around the pedicel so it cinches the hide up & under the burr.Continue stitching to the other antler and repeat.No bunching, slips or creeps while drying .

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