repainting fish

Submitted by Fritz on 11/30/2002. ( )

I am new at taxidermy and a friend of mine wants me to redue some king samon that was done very poorly several years ago. What I was wondering can I paint over the old paint or do I have to strip it all down.. Thanks for any help..

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This response submitted by CapeFear on 11/30/2002. ( )

The simple lazy way of doing it would be to shoot it white and repaint. This will result in a poorer paint job than probably the original, since you have none of the original skin pigment showing through for reference and you will loose most of your scale detail. If your an exceptional fish taxidermist you may be able to pull this off with good reference, which you should be using regardless. To make a long story short, strip it and repaint. Good luck.

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