Beaver earliners

Submitted by Snakes on 12/11/2002. ( )

I HAVE CHECKED THE ARCHIVES and also all of the major taxidermy suppliers I could think of and I cant seem to be able to find earliners for a life size beaver mount. Does anyone know where I could find some or if there is another earliner from another animal I could substitute it with? Or do I have to use the bondo method and make them myself?
Thanks for any info

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Beaver ears

This response submitted by MarkV. on 12/11/2002. ( )

Snakes, Dont know of anyone who makes them. I usually go with the bondo thinned. Their so small it wouldn't be a high priority item for a supplier to make. good luck, Mark

Better than Bondo

This response submitted by George on 12/11/2002. ( )

Is epoxy clay. You can press them thin and shape them as needed after the head is mounted to the mannikin.

make your own

This response submitted by LT on 12/12/2002. ( )

I make my own small mammal ears out of galvanized steel duct flashing.Not the flimsy aluminum type,the heavier steel type.To make a radial bend,you will have to cut a notch in it.Works great with the 2-part epoxy.Leave cartilage in.Build up the base with critter clay.

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