In need of manuals/videos

Submitted by Will_182 on 12/12/2002. ( )

I've had a stroke of bad luck lately. My taxidermy mentor passed away just the other day. He had helped me mount a few pheasants and was just getting me into the mammals. In the aftermath, I acquired his freezer full of animals in addition to what I have in mine. I want to try and mount as much as I can before I leave for the Marines in July. So I'm in need of any manuals or videos that have been used that anyone doesn't have a need for anymore. I really don't have alot of money being as its Christmas and all, but anything you have and would like to be rid of, please let me know. Specifically anything that has to do with the following: Mounting raccoons, foxes, doing rugs, waterfowl, and shoulder mounts. Thanks everyone and God Bless!


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Not to be a d*ck BUT...

This response submitted by Raven on 12/12/2002. ( )

Christmas or not, if ya dont have money for for the books or videos on mounting coons.. how ya gonna afford the money to buy the chemicals or forms or tools for mounting coons? If yer that hard up for cash, read the archives til yer eyes bleed. If yer gonna get summin for free it's only fair that ya at LEAST bust yer hump to earn it right? All the info ya find in books will be found in the archives. Ya may not have pix and vids; but if you already have a bit of a taxi background which you say you do, combined with the wealth of info therein... yer certainly well on your way.

Mean people suck ;0) LOL

This response submitted by Patrick D. Rabine on 12/13/2002. ( )

Wow not so rough.But raven has it right.Use the search butten.You will find just about anything in there you would want to know and some stuff you don't.And if there is something you need to know than just ask.Good luck.Oh and try ebay for some videos and books on taxidermy.just type in taxidermy book or taxidermy video.You can find some pretty good deals on there.I have not forgot that list for you raven.I will get it to you as soon as people stop dropping dead critters on my door step.LOL

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