Submitted by Elk on 12/03/2002. ( none )

Okay, I mounted a deer and everything seem to b fine until I started to do detail work and noticed i messed up on the ears a little and would like to know how to fix this, If I can. I was feeling the ears and one of the ears (I should add I used the bondo method, guess I know now why there is an earliner method) I didn't get filled in when I did the ears, and have a bubble there. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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Detail work? or Finish work?

This response submitted by John C on 12/03/2002. ( )

Detail is done at the time you mount the deer. After the mount is dry you are doing the finish work.

Your gap, you can inject a number of thing, or wet it back, insice the bubble and put Newton Supplies 90 second epoxy.

Ears with bubbles

This response submitted by Superpig on 12/03/2002. ( )

first of all is that deer for competition or a customer? Can you visibly see the bubble on the ear or only feel it? If you can't see it and it is not for competition why worry? Customers don't feel up the animals like we do. They stand back at about 5 feet and look at them. I don't think there is much that can be done at this point since the deer is already mounted up. You can try to prick a small pinhole where the bubble is and let the air out, but you won't be able to add any more bondo unless you want to remount the deer. Depending on how big the area is you might be able to inject some glue or thin epoxy into the area to smoothen it out some. Sorry I couldn't be of anymore help than that. Maybe someone else has a better advice than I.


This response submitted by CapeFear on 12/03/2002. ( Marc@Taxidermy1.com )

If it's not to big use an injectable grade resin such as fantastic cast or some thing similar. If it's large take JC's advise and split it the ear, this can be repaired with a number of adhesives, such as Epo-Grip or Zap a Gap gel and if you do a tight finish job on the seam it won't be noticeable. Good Luck. Marc R

Bondo Ears

This response submitted by jake on 12/05/2002. ( )

Next time you do your bondo method while you have the ear turned inside out, take a very small awl, or a t pin and punch some holes in the cartlidge side of the ear. When it is turned back in the bondo wont come through the very small pin holes , but it will let the air escape. This will take care of your air bubble problems.

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