Submitted by bob m on 12/14/2002. ( )

how big a compressor do i need to operate airbrush to complete mounts ...patients please ... i'm a rookie thanks bob m.

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2HP/ 6 gal

This response submitted by LH on 12/14/2002. ( )

is what I use and it does great. Runs my pneumatic stapler, blows excess water out of capes, etc., etc. If you want a good price on a small diaphragm compressor, I'll sell you the old one I used for a couple years for a good price (cost me 99 bucks, will sell it for $45)

sounds good

This response submitted by bob montenero on 12/14/2002. ( )

i assume its in good condition. please give me a price inc. shipping to zip01930 gloucester mass. thank you bob m.

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