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I've seen cadmium used in reference to red,yellow and orange. I came across it when digging through archives for a good pike schedule. I didn't see any specific references to cadmium colors in the catalogs I have but they seem to be quite popular in this industry.Are there other names for these colors or do I not have the right catalogs. I checked the archives but didn't find anything that specifically defined this.What gives? Thanx-

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In my experience

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It has meant bright. Like bright yellow, bright red or bright orange. I have very little experience so I hope someone elso posts to either verify what I said or correct me. Ryan

Apples and Oranges

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The term comes from the ingredients in the paint instead of defining the color. Ryan is quite right in that they are bright colors and that trait comes from Cadmium sulfide (CdS) that's a major additive to the paint much like alizeran crimson (C14H8O4). The term comes from the oil painting artists who dealt with basic colors and blended to form the other spectra. For taxidermy purposes Cad Yellow is sometimes called Waterfowl Yellow while cadmium red is Gill Red. Cadmium orange is mallard orange Best bet it to use paint schedules with the paints they endorse OR have a good color wheel so you can mix and match your own. I'm always griped by the "designer" colors. Dusty rose, taupe, and mauve don't mean diddly to me.

Cadmium colors

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Like George said. :)
Another thing to keep in mind is that they are extremely poisonous and you do NOT want to inhale the vapor when spraying them! Wash your hands promptly if any gets on you, and keep it away from small children.
If you don't know what pigment is being used, be safe and assume the worst on all shades of yellow - red.
I know, ALL paint needs to be handled with caution, but these colors are among the most dangerous.

Nancy M.


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Thanx for the great explanation Geo. I just found a paint wheel and will follow schedules recomendations. And Nancy I'll keep your safety factors in mind in this process and every other aspect.

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