cream tans

Submitted by craig on 12/16/2002. ( )

question can a cream tanned hide be made soft not stiff like they get after a week /will the oils work on a cream tanned hide and last /stay pliable?

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This response submitted by CapeFear on 12/16/2002. ( )

like George Roof just posted a few back. Any tanned hide can be done this way, but you must break the fibers for it to turn soft and pliable. Marc R

Cream works great

This response submitted by Roadkill on 12/17/2002. ( )

I have tanned with Curatan, and Liquide tan, and some of the skins are still as soft as a commercial tanned hide. I have also remounted some of my first deer heads from over ten years ago, and I was supprized at the ability to rewet and the streach they still had. i still like to use the creams as they are less involved and nothing to threw out after you are done with it like the lutan solutions, but they work just as good to.

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