How to get started?

Submitted by Tiffany M on 12/21/2002. ( )

Hello! I was wondering how to get started in taxidermy? I've been interested in it for awhile, and I think it would be a neat hobby. Would a squirel be a good animal to start off with? Can anyone suggest a good book for beginners? Also, in the event that I ever get "good" at this, I'd like to try a coyote. Does anyone know if it is legal to take a coyote from private land(such as my grandparents farm) in nebraska? They are pretty easy to come by, but I'm not exactly sure what the laws are.

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Start with this WebSite.

This response submitted by John C on 12/21/2002. ( )

There are several years worth of post here. Most of which will give you a lot of basic knowledge. The get the WASCO catalog. They have several great books and a ton of videos.

Your state has a Taxidermist association, that is a very good place to start also. See link at top of this page.

Yes in most states coyotes are legal, some states they can be taken year round. Checl with your DNR or Game and Fish Wardens. My bet is its fine to do so until about mud April, but check it out first.

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