whitetail shoulder mounting kits?

Submitted by Tim on 12/08/2002. ( bigbuck8@yahoo.com )

hi, i have never tried to mount one ,but i want to learn,ihave 8 nounts hanging,and i want to try,i already caped my buck ,skinned the face,but havent split the ears,so far so good (i think).my guestion is in cabelas i ordered the complete kit to mount your deer for 79.99,and it comes with a 2 hr video and comes from Van Dykes so i found there web site and they sell the kit (- video) for 39.99?has anyone used one of these? and i also bought a video made by Coyt Jordon on "mounting a whitetail deer" and i watched it and he washes the cape in dawn dish soap and rinse it out then rubs Borax all over it then buts it on the form,i though you had to use a pickle first?and if so whats a brand name i read to use saltee acid then liqua tan,
i guess im kinda nervous and dont want to screw up to bad thanks folks!

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This response submitted by CapeFear on 12/08/2002. ( )

Don't need to pickle with borax, just how old are those books? I would recommend you click on that orange button over there to the left and do some further research. Marc R

Deer Mounting Kits

This response submitted by Dave B. on 12/08/2002. ( dave.belanger@cabelas.com )

Hello Tim,
Monday morning,give Dan Moon a call at Van Dyke's Supply Co. Dan is the Product Specialist for Van Dyke's and will be more than happey to help you along with your project as he is formilular with all the Kits Van Dyke's and Cabelas sells. Call Dan at (1-800)843-3320 Ext.105

Have a great day to all,

cape fear?

This response submitted by Tim on 12/09/2002. ( bigbuck8@yahoo.com )

hi,i dont know how old the tape is,and thanks dave iwill call,and i dont have a ornge search button?i am at ask .com and got this site but theres no search buttons?thanks again

I used that kit......

This response submitted by Tom on 12/09/2002. ( )

...two years ago on my first mount & was very pleased with the results. Unfortunatly, I didn't find this forum until after I had finished the mount. The kit was fine, but my technique was lacking in the eyes, ears & lip areas. I'd suggest searching the archives for thousands of tips & techniques from the pros & your results will be much better!

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