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Submitted by ron knight on 12/31/2002. ( rondhunter@hotmail.com )

happy new year to all' i would like to know if there is a difference between [a supply company] dry tan and preservative and Van Dykes dry tan and preservative' the reason i am asking'a year ago i wanted to try my hand at taxidermy'so i orderd a [a supply company] catalog'looking through his catalog i orderd his video of skinning fleshing and mounting of a white tail deer' it was from his video that i found out about dry tan' hide paste' ear base and antler set' so i orderd all this plus more'since then i have mounted four deer they all turned out very well'now i am doing my fifth deer but this time i orderd every thing i needed from Van Dykes catalog including his dry tan and preservative' i noticed a very different effect right from the start' the flesh turned a very light grey' i sarted at the shoulders and worked my way up to the ears with the dry tan' before i had finished with the head area the first part was wet and dripping from the fluids in the cape and the cape became thicker or rubbery' i never had this happen with the [a supply company] dry tan and presev. i lost my measerment in the neck area by probably 4-5 inches. and the snout seems to have gained every thing i lost in the neck. is this acid swell or what. i cut off a piece from the cape and soaked it in 4oz of baking soda and two gal. of water for 30 min. it seemes to have loosend the hair a little' im afrade to soak the cape in this. what should i do about all the extra hide on the face. the nose to eye measerment is fine. i have the eyes inplace and the antlers inplace. i measered from eye to antler butt before skinning' so i know the antlers are alright. when test fitting around the eyes im looking at all this hide that pops up. not to mention all the hide in the cheaks. i can get some strech back in the neck with the wifes ice cream scoop i quese and trim down the form. back to first question. whats the difference between the dry tans

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First they call dry preservitive a tan it is not.

This response submitted by John C on 12/31/2002. ( )

Those are not tans at all, they are preserviative, some have different things in them. Some are not for large animals, just small thin skinned ones.

This being only your 5th deer, you could have left the hide to thick, or maybe the hide was just going to have problems anyway.

Many of us switched from DP years ago because of the associated problems not to mention the bugs more readily eat dp'd hides.

Have you tried Ben Mears Spray tan, I would use it before DP. as its a liquid and penetraits the hide and POWDERS are only topical application.


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I;ve asked this question about which is better. and of corse i got look up the archives responce.lol I am still useing dry preserve and the only thing i see different from what i have been reading and talking with other guys is dry preserve isnt a tan but just a skin preserve. the same goes with the spray tan. it isnt a tan but a liquid form preservative. call Benn and maybe he can explain. to each his own do what feels comfortable and what you like. it;s all a learning experiance and alot of common sense just ask George.lol sorry george. but you are the man. happy newyear.

Ron (hey great name)

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There is definately a difference in DP's. I once used the Van Dykes and had the same problems and when I switched over to that other company my problems ended. However I never lost a hide with either but the dripping was a pain in the neck and also the hair would slip for some time after with the VDykes. I've never had a bug in my mounts either, even ones that are left outside. I have also used Ben's spay tan with good results.

There ARE other suppliers of Dp

This response submitted by George on 01/01/2003. ( georoof@aol.com )

And I'd rather suck snot out of a cup that ever by anything from your hero there. Touchstones makes the very best DP IMHO.

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