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Submitted by Kim on 01/08/2003. ( )

Can anyone tell me where I can find out what the laws are in North Carolina reguarding the sale of wild game? I have been tanning alot of deer hides lately and I want to make them into "possibility" bags I can sell. I just don't want to have to do it on E-bay like I normally do with my pipes. I get a better price in a local gallery here. I do alot of very detailed beadwork etc. on them and I think I can get a fairer price in the gallery. I also don't want to see any police at my door at 3am ya know? Please help if you can! :-> Kim

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NC laws

This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 01/08/2003. ( )

you may have to purchase a Fur Dealers license. Copy and paste this
link, to gain some insight on the laws. Your best bet would be to contact the Dept.of
Ntural Resources and find out first hand.

link might not work

This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 01/08/2003. ( )

Try this one

No Can Do!

This response submitted by Aaron Honeycutt on 01/09/2003. ( )

Kim, NC has laws against selling or buying any part of a whitetail deer except for taxidermy purposes. You can't sell knives with antler handles nor antlers themselves and not hides either. I don't think you would have a problem if you use leagally bought mule deer skins. Having said this I think you should still contact the NC Wildlife Resources Commision who should be happy to provide you the laws in writing. And while you are at it you might want to ask them, with a population of 1 million plus deer and great numbers of deer/auto crashes every year, why NC keeps such out-of-date laws on the books. Good luck, Aaron H.

Thanks Guys...

This response submitted by Kim on 01/10/2003. ( )

I got the skins from a friend who does deer processing during the hunting season. I made the hides into beaded bags. I looked at the NCWRC and found out how to get a fur buyers liscence. It states that you sell furs with it. But I keep hearing (as with "No Can Do" above) that I cant use white tail deer hides even ones legally shot buy liscenced hunters. Whats wrong here? Why the hell would they stop a person from selling the skins when they will end up being thrown away if I didnt tan em? >:-( Kim

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