Another Ear turning question from a beginner.............

Submitted by trudyjean on 01/20/2003. ( )

I was turning the ears of my second deer head and one of the ears is split (perhaps from fighting) and where it apparently was almost healed up the end of the small part of the split had naturally curved/curled and almost laid over (weird like), I could not turn it completely. It almost looks like a backard C at the tip. Probably 1/2 inch of the tip, very narrow in this area. This may not be the best description, but is hard for me to explain. I suppose my question is this: What to do about this, if I can't get this area turned, will this area rot? Can I card and hope for the best? I have tried to turn this small area by inserting a flathead screwdriver to gently separate, with no luck. I have searched the archives and can't seem to find my situation, just not sure what to do here. FYI: I wanted to try out the bondo method with the ears, mostly because of the split. TIA for your help, T

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Just a suggestion

This response submitted by Jason on 01/20/2003. ( )

When I get those, I bust it all out and sew it back up very
carefully, that way it is all turned and you can get your
earliners all up in there. If you leave it and card it, eventually
it will curl and look like crap.
hope this helps

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