Clean Deer Capes

Submitted by Allen on 01/25/2003. ( )

Hello Everyone:
I am having trouble getting my deer capes clean even though I wash and rinse by hand 3-4 times in clean fresh water and when I mount and they dry, the hair gets very stiff and not soft and fluffy like it should be. Any suggestions?
Thanks for your time,
Have a great day!

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Washing capes

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 01/25/2003. ( )

Allen I don't know if these capes are tanned or not but this is how I do mine and their tanned.
Wash the cape using pert shampoo rinse and wash again. From there I rinse it two to three times, tumble in a clothes dryer (set on cool) with plenty of towels in it for 15 min and then mount.

hair conditioner

This response submitted by cj on 01/25/2003. ( )

Put a little hair conditioner in the final rinse it works.

cape prep

This response submitted by rowdy in mo. on 01/25/2003. ( )

allen, what kind of tan? and do you tumble in sawdust? it sounds like you might be skiping something, respond and someone will help

Cape Prep

This response submitted by Allen on 01/25/2003. ( )

It is a Liqua-tanned cape and no I don't tumble in sawdust.


This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 01/26/2003. ( )

Follow my post above ^(washing capes) and it'll work out real nice for you. As for the conditioner Pert has it in the shampoo. It works better than other shampoo's. I also use Liqua-tan plus EZ-100.

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