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Hi,I'm new to this and have a question.I couple days ago i skinned and fleshed a beaver,tail and all.I salted it real good,then the next day resalted it again.My question is can i go back and try to take off some more fat and flesh?I think I got most of it,but the hide is hard in some areas and soft in others.Should this be hard or soft?Any info would help.Thanks Mark

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beaver tail

This response submitted by dave evancheck on 01/29/2003. ( davestaxidermy@ )

I think you should get a artificial tail Dave


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Mark, As the salt dries the tail it will get harder. If you want to scrape off some more fat it's fine to do it anytime. When the tail is very hard any meat will be hard as well and will not be easily removed but if you plan to pickle it, then is the time to finish up the fleshing. Enjoy, Aaron H.

not just the tail

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Thanks for the reply,but I wasn't talking about just the tail.I meant the tail and the pelt.I'm guessing it's the same for the pelt huh?Th anks again Mark

RTF say's

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You want to get as much fat and meat off before salting. You said some of the hide is hard and thats ok. When you get to the pickling, let it pickle for 48 hours. Remove from pickle and let drain. Now go back and fisnish fleshing. You will find out that you can do a much better job in the fleshing department after its been pickle for a couple of days. Then go ahead and return to pickle until your ready to tan. Make sure you degrease that thing real good !


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Thanks RTF thats the info I was looking for

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