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i got this mink a couple days ago...... i wanna know how to skin it without ripping or ruining the hide..... if someone could help me out that would be great.... i also wanna know a good way to tan it thanks


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How to be a doctor?

This response submitted by . on 04/07/2003. ( )

A friend has a pain in his side, and I want to know how to do an appendectomy. One day I'd like to try a double bypass. If someone could help me out that would be great. I don't need instructional manuals such as Breakthrough for an education, but maybe I'll try the ORANGE SEARCH BUTTON.

TO .

This response submitted by ETCC on 04/08/2003. ( )

We aint need no smartass answers here. This forum is for beginners...he axed a legitimate question.

The answer is...use a scalple or sharp knife.

Mink Skinning

This response submitted by Coyote on 04/08/2003. ( )

It all depends on the way you want to mount the mink, and how much sewing you want to do. You can case skin it, Which means you cut along the inside of the hind legs, do a dorsal cut which means you cut it down the back. Or a ventral cut which you cut it down the belly. If this is your first mink. Watch out for the scent glands. Believe me if you think a skunk smells bad. A mink will knock your eyes out. Good luck, and watch out for those scent glands.



This response submitted by Dave B. on 04/08/2003. ( )

........even though "." answered in a very inmature manner and could have used better judgement on his reply,he did make a valid point. You can find tons of information by using the "Orange Button".
Minks,for the size of the critter have a fairly thick skin compared to,lets say,a rabbit. A Dorsal cut will work fine.It has fairly long hair for the size of the animal.
As ETCC stated, a Scalpel or a sharp Pearing knive will work good for you to do this.Just take your time and be careful.Taxidermy is not a race.
The "Breakthrough Mamal Taxidermy Manual" holds some of the BEST information on the many ways to go about achieving this process.

I would HIGHLY advise you to, once the animal (Mink) was skinned,lips,eyes,nose and ears turned, to salt,pickle,and tan & oil and then mount.
By using the "Orange Button" you can find tons of info ant the process. Ez Tan will be a great choice for the task on hand.

If you have further questions, put them on here and those who are mature enough will be glad to help. But put the effort in and use the "Archives" ( Orange Button) as much as possible. Its a GREAT learning tool.

Have a great day,
PS....."." I think an Addadicktome is in order for ya Pal! Grow up!

ETCC & Dave B

This response submitted by . on 04/08/2003. ( )

ETCC, a "scalpel or sharp knife" is not a "legitimate" answer.
Dave B., why is it that if my reply would have come from some of the more "notable grumps" on this forum, it would have been an acceptable answer?
Oh, and if you aint' got one already, I'm not gonna addadicktoyou or anyone else. Adding an opposite organ in addition to the one that's there is not an acceptable politically correct alteration of the trade in today's market.

Nate, I do apologize for the response, which if posted by some others on here would have been acceptable, but you really do need to do a bit of research before you ask. Good luck.


This response submitted by Dave B on 04/08/2003. ( )

It wasn't the message but the way you put it. It was very Demeaning and has become the norm now on this Forums.
Obviously,you didn't like ETCC's or my attack on you, how do you think your response to Nate made him feel? A simple "Research the Archives" would be very acceptable no matter WHO said it.
I usually bite my tongue,but there have been way to many rude responses here lately to those in need of help.
Sorry if I ofended you!

TO .

This response submitted by ETCC on 04/08/2003. ( )

Hey earlier reply to you was purely a joke...getta life. for Dave...he has more knowledge, skill and experience about Taxidermy then you could ever hope to have if you lived three lifetimes, you nitwit. You have NO IDEA who you stupidly insulted and attacked.

Dave is too nice a guy to say I'll do it for him...Next time you wipe your ass...look in the's just under your nose.


This response submitted by ETCC on 04/08/2003. ( )

Okay...I did whatcha sed...I skinned it wit the case...dorsal...amd Ventral ways ass ya then...WHAT do I do with the Shreds?


This response submitted by . on 04/08/2003. ( )

to all who were offended. Went a little to far Dave B. I'll stand by my initial response and analogy to a degree when some ask for a complete education here with out lifting a finger. Yes everyone is a beginner at some point.
What really gets me is that same response would have gotten an "attaboy" and a few "LOL's" from some of the regulars here had it come from one of the "ol geezers" who've been here for years.
In the future, I will refrain from trying to emulate my mentors so no one gets their panties in a wad.

ol geezers?

This response submitted by cct on 04/09/2003. ( )

for every funny crack those guys make they make a hundred helpful comments, they have earned the right to poke a little fun at people on here once in a while.
when you have helped 1/2 as many people, then work on your humour,........ that is what you were shooting for, (i think) isn't it
"." ? and nate, don't let that response bug you, we all have to start somewhere.

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