How do I start skinning a duck

Submitted by John on 04/09/2003. ( )

I resently bought a duck mounting kit, and was going to try to do it myself. But I'm finding it hard to understand the instrutions on skinning the duck with no visual aid? Could you help by telling me more about it?


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This response submitted by cct on 04/09/2003. ( )

you didn't pick an easy first project,Breakthrough Magazines, and some videos will help. you can get some pretty good videos from most suppliers. when i started i hated birds so don't get freaked out.
if this is your first experience with taxidermy you may want to consider a different bird, maybe a grouse or something with very little fat, (i found it easy compared to duck.) and then try the duck.

Skinning a Duck

This response submitted by Coyote on 04/09/2003. ( )

Your best bet is to order Breakthrough Bird Taxidermy Manual, Or purchase any of the many video's they have on the market. There's a wealth of information in them. And to explain it all here, don't think anyone is going to spend the time typing it all down.



This response submitted by ETCC on 04/09/2003. ( )

Don't let any soothsayers scare ya first bird was a Red Head Duck back in the early 1940's...and I didn't have any problem with it.

Get the WASCO 7-Booklet Taxidermy Training Course ($19.95) of the manuals shows you how to skin and mount a bird to completion..

Also get the accompanying Bird Mounting video from WASOS Video Taxidermy Training Course. The entire course contains 6-videos (plus one optional one on Mounting A Flying Pheasant)...I recommend getting the entire set if you can afford it now.

That's all you really need right now to start. Then get the Breakthrough Bird Taxidermy Manual from WASCO as Coyote's a MUST Have in your beginning arsenal of knowledge in Taxidermy.

Good luck on your first Duck CAN do it okay.

Ed, Now that's not true and you know it.

This response submitted by George on 04/09/2003. ( )

You may not have KNOWN you were having trouble with it, but with the methods of 1940, even if you DIDN'T, you still had problems with it.

I figure in this case if an individual asks me "how to skin a duck", there's a WHOLE bunch of other stuff he needs to learn first.

skinning ducks

This response submitted by Gopher on 04/09/2003. ( )

John, e-mail me and I will tell you a site to go to that shows you step by step pics. how to skin s duck, a red head at that. But the other are right get some catalogs videos and go to the archieves and read all you can.

Good luck Kevin

Skinning Ducks

This response submitted by Barry Buras on 04/09/2003. ( nope )

Hi John here's a link to a great step by step instructional thread with photos ! Check it out

copy the link and paste it into your address bar



This response submitted by ETCC on 04/10/2003. ( )

With all due respect...I followed the instructions in the Northwestern School of Taxeidermy Lessons...which were very clear...there was no 'problem'...took time.

Granted...2003 and 1940's era are different...but I think the Ducks are still built the same from the same kind of eggs.

Modern books like Breakthrough's "Bird Taxidermy Manual"...Newmyer's Bird Books...and Videos weren't available then (heck...Video Technology itself wasn't even invented yet...LOL)...but taxidermists of every degree persevered as I did then.

The Red Head came out grease marks or fat bleeding through.

Point is...all I'm reading above is discouraging a beginner NOT to Mount a Duck...because it is impossible or difficult to do as a first bird. That's utterly all due respect.

My first bird was a Duck...and other beginner taxidermists here on the forum mounted a duck as their first E-Mails tell me this for fact.

True...nice to be able to have a Grouse...or a Pheasant (my first recommended choice)...but everyone doesn't have access to these birds...or have one on hand. This feller has a Duck...and if he follows the recommended educational learning materials...he'll do fine in mounting it...

and have a heck of an experience worth repeating long after you and I no longer exist on this Planet (I don't know where 'you' will be...but I'm hopping into my space ship and going back to my home planet...where babies are born with a scalple in one hand...and a Duck in the other...LOL).

Ed, you're absolutely right

This response submitted by George on 04/10/2003. ( )

Cause no matter WHERE you start, eventually you'll STILL have to mount your FIRST DUCK. LOL. Just pulling your chain. You know we've both been there, they just didn't give us a T-shirt to prove it.

Come on now you two.............

This response submitted by Dave B on 04/10/2003. ( )

......Ducks weren't even invented yet back then.So who's pulling who's chin? LMAO!

I didn't think it was that bad....

This response submitted by Vince in KC on 04/10/2003. ( vincel& )

I just finished my first mount, a drake mallard, and it came out much better than I would have thought. I do agree though that he should learn alot more before trying it. I spent a couple of months reading the archives, watching videos, reading Breakthrough manuals etc and once I felt I had a good grasp of what was involved then I started on the duck. Now, if I could only get the hang of this air brush.....

didnt say impossible

This response submitted by cct on 04/11/2003. ( )

i was just pointing out that i know a few guys that were discouraged by ducks, myself included. some times a little confidence builder(easy bird) helps if you can get your hands on one. it came out wrong i guess, i just thought if he did find it tough,he shouldn't panic cause,other people have found ducks harder than other birds.
if i had judged all taxidermy by my first duck.............
but that's just me

Skinning a duck

This response submitted by las on 04/29/2003. ( )

Skin your duck has you would any bird but severe the neck first instead of the tail butt....To make a long story short.The way the north western school taught you severe tail butt first...I say do not do what North western school taught.That is my only disagrement with them

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