How to clean out cow horns

Submitted by MarkC on 04/01/2003. ( )

I have been given two cow horns, which were cut off the beast. They are small to medium in size (7 to 8" long), and I would like to use them for black powder horns. My question: can anyone tell me how to clean the innerds out of the horns? Do you boil them as you would an antelope? Or is there another method? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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You can boil them but I wouldn't recommend it over normal maceration. Run a big screw up into the core and allow them to rot a little and then pull the cores out.

Then you MUST let the horn age or dry naturally. Early in this country's development, new settlers wanted to play the role of pioneers and have their own powder horns. They rushed the process and shaved and polished the horns as soon as they separated. Then they waxed them down and plugged the ends. Well, bacteria grew on the unseasoned keratin and it turned green. Hence, the American dialect created a new word for untested neophytes. These people were then known as "Green Horns".


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LOL...couldn't resist the takeoff on George's reply.
The post below confirms what he just told you...
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