How to Skin a Skunk without smelling like one

Submitted by AL on 04/19/2003. ( )

I want to try to mount a lifesize skunk. Mounting it is not my real problem, skinning it without any problems is. How do you skin them without getting to smell like one. I like sleeping in my own bed at night. Thanks for your time.

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This response submitted by George on 04/19/2003. ( )

If you check, you'll see 70 other people have asked that same question and been answered.

Do it outside!

This response submitted by Vicki on 04/19/2003. ( )

Do it outside! (And downwind of your shop!). You have to carefully remove the scent gland first. I was also told by a reputable source you can soak it in gasoline after it is skinned to remove the odor. If the scent gland gets released, the odor will be EVERYWHERE! I got a call about an almost white one that had been shot. I wore rubber gloves, and very carefully dropped it into a double-bagged ziplock freezer bag (one bag inside the other). Then, closed it up airtight. By the time I got home, the cab of the truck and myself both smelled to high heaven! Put it in one of the deep freezers. You guessed it...stinky freezer. Took a loonnnggg time for the odor to leave. The odor molecules have to be smaller than air molecules to be able to go through those air-tight bags. Surprised the heck out of me! (Some of you may have seen that skunk at the 99 World. It was on a cypress knee, with an alligator repro head in the 'water' below it.)

Might be easier to buy one already skinned and de-odored!


This response submitted by Bob on 04/19/2003. ( )

I always tie a rope on them and toss them in a fast moving stream
for a day. I tie it to a front leg so the back end of the skunk is being
pulled down stream. Works for me.
Good Luck.

Gas mask and gloves

This response submitted by Alex on 04/20/2003. ( Ats )

Try using an army type gas mask gloves and throw away clothes.


This response submitted by George on 04/20/2003. ( )

Vicki, you need to look for someone MORE reputable. And if you'd make some of these lazy $%^&* use the archives instead of answering them, we MIGHT cut down on increasing the archives size.

The guy who told me is pretty well known in the taxi field

This response submitted by Vicki on 04/21/2003. ( )

and deals in large numbers of hides/pelts.

As to helping out beginners, I know, I know. But if I can answer them quickly, I don't mind trying to help them out. So many people helped me out in the beginning, I feel obligated to return the favor whenever I can. Guess if they leave an email address, I can answer them directly on there to cut down on adding to the archives size.

Good idea, Alex, on the gas mask and throw away clothes!

Bob, does that really work? There's about a 1/2 mile of fast-moving stream on our property...could de-scent a LOT of skunks that way! LOL!

yes it works

This response submitted by Bob on 04/21/2003. ( )

Yes vicki it works.


Thanks for the tip, Bob!

This response submitted by Vicki on 04/21/2003. ( )

I'll have to try it. Wonder if it will repel otters, too? Those 'cute' creatures have wreaked havoc on our fish population here in the Ozarks!


This response submitted by wilson on 04/22/2003. ( )

i'm fearless but to leave a fresh fur in water for a day scares me.

nothing to fear

This response submitted by Bob on 04/22/2003. ( )

Nothing to fear wilson, I have done it for over 20 years
"not the same skunk". LOL... But have never had one slip.
I even had a couple over the years that I forgot I threw in
the creek, and pick them up a couple days later and they were
in fine shape. I dunno maybe this is one for ripley's, or I
have just been one lucky guy. Either way it works for me.

same as...

This response submitted by trappersteph on 04/23/2003. ( )

... when a water trapper has a longer check law due to animals being dead in the water and under the water.Theres guys at trapperman who have had beaver and otter under flood waters for a week and skin them and put them up fine.However I would not trust those for mounting. But a critter in the water for 24 hours should not hurt at all.

The only thing for me is theres some nice streams about,but with my luck a fox ( using its eyes rather than nose) would pluck ol pepe and walk off with it during the night. These streams are not near houses and even if they were the foxes are sneaky.Red fox have taken a dump outside my showroom door 2 times now on the deck ( anayone know a good deck set for reds?LOL).Coyotes would be worst.But maybe if the skunk is under some overhanging bank weeds or under some rocks or something,and well secured,it would be ok.Oh wait with my luck the 5 pound mink we have here would....

Oh about them ozark otters Vicki,why not trap em? They go for 100.00 average now at big fur auctions,maybe try it next season.Otter aren't real hard to trap,but I can't say from firsthand, not many here and now that I am in PA, can't touch the ones in MD . I had one come out on the snow covered ice this last season though and poke around about 10 feet from my otter/coon bucket set, while I was still a MD resident and the otters were in season then too.Well just having an otter there was enough thrill for me,I don't even mind that I didn't catch one.

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