Info on preserving a Fox Tail, Please!

Submitted by Paws on 05/21/2003. ( paws@alphalink[nospamplease] )

Please, i've hit a red fox with my car, killing said critter instantly (not as good as a bullet but just as effective) and after moving it off to the roadside, noticed it had a really nice tail that would look really good (somewhere), one trophy later and a couple of hours net searching have given be horrible thoughts of salt, chemicals and the like, (my search requests are either worded wrongly or good info is sparse) and here"s me thinking just nailing it onto my garage wall and air drying would suffice. Could someone please guide me in the steps to preserve this marvellous piece of ex-fox or point me in the right direction to soft and supple? Many thanks for any help given.

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This response submitted by Coyote on 05/21/2003. ( )

Sorry about the horrible thoughts of salt,and chemicals you read about. But it's true. You need to remove the tail bone, split the tail and at least salt it down. And if your looking for a soft/supple tail your going to have to tan it. There is no miricle way or easy way around it.


fox tail

This response submitted by wheelman on 05/21/2003. ( )

That would be nice to put fox tail at the end of your'll have every dog in town following you

Foxy Tail

This response submitted by Coot on 05/21/2003. ( )

I had a foxy tail once . Took me 80k to get rid of it and now I pay $600 / mo to ensure that tail always stays foxy.


This response submitted by ETCC on 05/22/2003. ( )

COOT ~ KNOW whatcha mean...'them thar' Foxy Tails kin git REAL expensive...LOL Funny thing enjoyable at the time you have it that you have no-idea 'how expensive' it could become later-on down-the-road'''LOL.

PAWS ~ Coyote is correct...only one way to do things 'right'...Right? I posted a response to this same questions a couple months ago...Check the Archives for it under ETCC...or Preserving Fox Tails.

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