How do I remove caulk from hair

Submitted by Jim on 06/05/2003. ( )

I have mounted several squirrels using caulk as a hide paste. On my most recent on, I got some caulking in the hair. How do I remove it from the hair without pulling the hair out? Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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This response submitted by ETCC on 06/05/2003. ( )

You didn't say what ype of Caul you used. Latex or Acrylic. It should have been cleaned off immediately with the proper solvent (directions on the tube)...before it was allowed to harden.

Now?...Take it to your nearest Barber.


This response submitted by Jim on 06/05/2003. ( )

It is latex caulk

Let your animal completely dry if the caulk has dried

This response submitted by George on 06/05/2003. ( )

And as another contributor posted last week, you can steam it out or use hot water to make it brittle. Lacquer thinner also works pretty well, but it evaporates quickly. You need to put it on a paper towel and cover it with plastic for a minute or two so that it works on dissolving the caulk.

You might want to try

This response submitted by cyclone on 06/05/2003. ( )

a little baby oil on the hair. Let it soak into the hair a while and gently rub the calk. It should slip off.

As funny as this may sound, I got the idea from a bunch of drywall hangers that suggested using peanut butter to remove the glue out of hair. It works. The oil from the peanut butter soaks into the hair and allows the glue to slip off.

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