Taxidermy for humans

Submitted by Keith on 06/16/2003. ( )

Is it legal for a human to get Taxidermied this is no joke Iam actually serious can someone please respond.

Thank You

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thats a little weird

This response submitted by redneck on 06/16/2003. ( )

bud thats a little weird but where ever yur stick floats. i dont thinks its illegal with the permission of deceased and family i dunno thew i never tryed it and dont hope to.

copy and paste this, it was in the archies

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 06/16/2003. ( )

copy and paste this link:

In Florida

This response submitted by Alex on 06/16/2003. ( )

In Florida besides the permission from the immidiate family, you also need to go before a magistrate,that is the family, and express why they want to do this before you are permitted to do anything.
And it requires a lot of legal Munbo Jumbo by attorneys and you.
Not a very cheap thing to do.
I was actually contracted once to do this and it took 6 months to go through the legal stuff,then one of the daughters back out and that was it . no human mount.
Also you have to consider that human skin is not like animal skin,human skin can stretch 10 times more than animal skin. so you better know what your doing.
Plus you better be proffiscient in molding so you can get all the facial features exactly. you don't get a second chance if you screw up.
Where are you going to get a replacement skin if you mess it up?
Best stay away from it. not many people have $500,000 to mount a human.
I once was contacted by a woman that wanted me to severed her husband pennis before he was to be cremated and preserve it.
After contemplating how to charge for this ,I told her I couldn't do it ,because I have to charge by the inch as in fish and her mount would only come out to $40 dollars as I charge $8 dollars an inch for fish , and $40 was not enough of an insentive.(true story).


This response submitted by L. R. Chamberlain on 06/16/2003. ( )

Recently, a score of very interesting documentaries on mummies from all over the world have been showed on History, Discovery and TLC. I have recorded many of these programs just because I find them so interesting. For whatever reason, many cultures around the world have strived to achieve the ultimate immortality through mummification of humans. Although I have never seen any documented programs, a popular legend is that Marilyn Monroe's body has been preserved by more elaborate embalming and rather than having been buried, is kept in state on private property.
Like some of the posters here have explained, human skin stretches and tends to be unstable. It would be far better to preserve the deceased by making a death mask and casting a replica. many living people, including lots of celebrities have had these death masks made while still quite alive, which does an even better job of preserving facial features.
While human hair wigs are very popular, I suppose that the collected and preserved actual scalp of the deceased's could be used with family permission and health dept. clearance. It would at least be the original hair, color, style and such. The rest of the body, since it will be clothed, will not have to be much more than a quality manikin, while the hands can be cast from the original.
I can see having a good wax figuring as a replica of someone, especially a famous public figure, but as for me and my house, I much rather prefer the conventional. My grandparents are buried properly in their respective plots. I would not want to have them staring at me from across my living room. LOL!

Much less dusting them ocassionally!

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 06/17/2003. ( )

Same thing I tell people who call about having their pets mounted. I tell them it's up to them, but I personally wouldn't want to have to dust 'Fluffy' every so often...too weird for me!

As many of you may remember, Roy Rogers had his horse, Trigger, mounted. He had requested to have himself "mounted" and mounted on Trigger...or so the story goes...



This response submitted by ETCC on 06/17/2003. ( )

A Taxidermist in Cleveland Ohio hads a Female Human tanned skin on display in his shop for ages with no problem. When he closed his street shop and moved it to his home basement later on...newspaper cplumnist called him to do an interview.

When the feature story ran in the Cleveland Plain Dealer about John/s Taxidermy emphasized him having the human female skin in his shop. Some 'nose' in the area got a search warrant...confiscated it...had him up for charges.

John defended himself in court...won the verdict in his favor...he acquired the skin decades ago from the Congo...'skinned, tanned and prepared' by some anonymous Brazil taxidermist.Have no idea what happened to it after he died...probably hangin in some rich guy's bedroom someplace. aint needin no permit to skin my head and stuff ole ETCC...ya gots me permission heer an now..jest stuff me and stand me in the corner in me birthday suit.

You kin jest use a feather duster occasionally git the dust outta these 1,200 Year Old wrinkles. in case yer the winning bidder to do the job...iffen Alex aint interested since he's retiring soon.

But I gitta warn ya first ga...only way to kill a Highlander Immortal is by chopping off me head with a Sword...meaning...yer gonna have a sewing job to do to reattach this sucker...send me yer bid to me now befour sumbuddy beats ya to it.

Urban legends and modern folklore........Vicky

This response submitted by L. R. Chamberlain on 06/17/2003. ( )

It is true, that in the Rogers' own museum, the original Trigger, Buttermilk, Bullet and other family pets are mounted, along with scads of guns, saddlery, tack and countless movie memorabilia. I have heard the rumor myself, but Roy passed away in the spring of 1999 and Dale Evans only a few months later. Roy was buried in the usual way, but there may be a "wax" replica of him either mounted on Trigger or just standing nearby. Of course, wax figurines of him already exist and we all know that long after the news stories detailing his death and funeral are largely forgotten, the myths and legends will abound.


This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 06/17/2003. ( )

That's why I said 'so the story goes..' I know he was buried. I'm not sure if he was serious about being 'stuffed' or not, or whether that was just a rumor.

He died July 6, 1998, according to I see they moved the museum from California to Branson, MO! I didn't know that until today. Branson is about 100 miles from here. Will have to visit it, as he was my favorite childhood hero! (Well, maybe I liked Trigger best! Gorgeous horse! Even own a couple of Palominos now...)


This response submitted by L. R. Chamberlain on 06/17/2003. ( )

Maybe it was 1998 and Dale Evans in 1999. They went pretty close together. Yes, I'm sure old Roy was just embalmed in the usual way....and buried. I did not know his museum had been moved to Branson, though. At least Branson is far closer to me than L.A. If I'm ever fortunate enough to go there, I will have to look for it. I really liked the Rogers' too. So you have some horses, huh? I sure like Palominos, too. Beautiful animals.


This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 06/17/2003. ( )

Now, that's an understatement! Have waaayyy too many horses! Have an APHA stallion, Arabian Stallion (thinking about gelding him soon...), 11 broodmares(One is my first 'real' horse...a 22 year old palomino). 8 or so yearlings. 1 new one this year, so far. (Pretty paint colt!) 4 two year olds, 1 three year old (Palomino, daughter of 22 year old mare...just been broke to ride this past month). Oh, and a donkey. Exoecting a few more babies any time. Hope to have a website up soon and plan to advertise some of them on there.

I actually wrote to Roy Rogers in the late nineties, when he was having heart trouble. (Only time I've written to a celebrity!) I actually got a letter back, probably from the staff there. It wasn't a 'canned' letter, though, but an actual letter. Misspelled words and all! LOL!

I knew Roy and Dale

This response submitted by Alex on 06/19/2003. ( )

I met Roy and Dale in 1963,aand stayed in their home for 3 days as the church choir that I was touring with sang in their church.
Roy was an abid hunter and had many heads which he harvested in his own property. He also had just had tiger mounted and was kept in the receiving area next to the stairs. The dog was in the process of being mounted.
I believe Jonas mounted both.
They were excellent people, for 3 days Dale would wake us up and feed us breakfast in bed. I will never forget it.
We toured all of the United States singing in Hundreds of churches and they help to Finance us.
We did this through the United World Missions in St. Petersburg Florida, The director of the Choir was Norma Stuffel, if anybody remembers this please contact me.

Responses regarding Roy and Dale...

This response submitted by Sheila Reiboldt on 07/18/2003. ( )

Dale's passing was February 7, 2001, Roy's July 6, 1998. So, their deaths were 2 1/2 yrs apart.. Not long, but longer than a few months one another..

If you didn't get to see the museum when it was located here, in CA, do go see it in Branson. Most of the animals (with the exception of Trigger, Buttermilk, Bullet and Trigger Jr, have been sold to collectors. I was able to visit the Victorville, CA location many, many times, as it was in my neighborhood. I attended the grand opening celebration of the new musuem in Branson on June 20, 2003..

If you are a fan of Roy and Dale's -- you must see it..

PS And who isn't a fan of the Rogers'?/

Apple Valley, CA

Apple Valley, CA

If it's good enough for a horse....then I say clip, clop...

This response submitted by Anita Mann-Tu on 08/18/2003. ( )

The thought of having to part with my partner, soul-mate, hat rack, remote control hording, eats the best kitty kat this side of the Universe... makes me want to have him soaked in clearcoat, then coated in a resin hardner (although I must say he doesn't need it now)so I can prop him on my bed and keep him as my pillow / love toy / whipping post. Unless of coarse a young tender comes along and rattles my old antique octopus lookin twat. Thanks for the 411 - filed and noted... keep working on it - as my bubba has a day or two left in his shelf life. Anita Mann-Tu

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