Need help making clear acrylic paperweights

Submitted by John on 07/08/2003. ( )

hi, i have a question about making those "object floating in a block of clear acrylic" paperweight.

I live in San Diego, CA. How do i start?

1) what preparation? (work place and tools)
2) what specific materials? (acrylic gel?, liquid acrylic?, acrylic
cement? what's the difference?)
3) what do i do? -_- (step by step)

Thanks all

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Fast and easy in a nutshell...

This response submitted by Raven on 07/08/2003. ( )

Make a simple block mold (go to to downlaod a video on how to do this). You can sue silicone from taxidermy supply companies or from places like or or or or or (a couple choices off the top of my head). Get sum clear polyester resin or clear urethane (from above suppliers for the most part). Pour a layer of casting materials in your mold - allow to gel - add your part (properly sealed with shellac or clear acrylic if its porous) then add more casting agent around it to secure it in place. Just enough to lock it in place - not to cover it - this will prevent it from floating. Once that has gelled - top off with the a thrid pour of your casting agent. Only thing to make sure of is that you have the proper separator if required (ask the manufacturer of your molding and casting material) and be sure that you casting material is self bonding (will stick to itself with additional pours).

Look up those places and decide what you would like to use - theres lots to chose from and each have special properties. website explains their products very well. They have 2 clear products that may suit your needs perfectly and their tech support is awesome =)

Hope that helps =)


This response submitted by John on 07/09/2003. ( )

Wow thanks a lot =)


This response submitted by ETCC on 07/09/2003. ( )

Back in the 70's I had a Candle and Plaster Shoppe..."Candle-Lite House'...made and sold candles, plater castings, molds, supplies, etc related to this and Plastic Casting. I was going to respond similartly to yours but you did such an excellent descriptive job...nothing more to really ad to it...Great work.

Still stuck with too much info -_-

This response submitted by john on 07/10/2003. ( )

thanks Raven, but i'm overwhelmed with all these info.

I have no idea what those chemical mean and do. urethane? polymer? arylic? resin casting? Acrylic resin? Polyester resin? and Epoxy resin? I've seen so many of these work to keep track of which is what, they seems to be talking about the same thing i can't see the difference.

Please help again =|

i found this though:

but it's extremely toxic VS this: (none toxic)

they both lookes like the samething, but don't really sure if it's best used for paperweights?


This response submitted by Alex on 07/10/2003. ( )

What would be a fair price for that work,say to do a large scorpion.
I'm getting some from Iraq that our boys are bringing back but I never messed with this stuff before. Thanks

first timer

This response submitted by chess on 09/15/2003. ( )

I went to my local "Michael's Craft" store and purchased clear casting resin and the catalyst hardener for about $15. I tested it on a small centipede insect and was quite surprised it worked rather well. Although I was interested in finding out what the best mold would be, glass , plastic etc.? Since the craft store did not sell any molds for casting I used a plastic 2 piece christmas ball. It worked but it left the paperweight a little dull. Should I have used oil on the inside of the plastic or use glass next time? Also how would I buff out those lines and make the weight clearer?

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