preserving a squirrel tial

Submitted by sue on 09/18/2003. ( )

hey, um, may cat a squirrel and left its beautiful tail behind. i would likt to preserve and save the tail, but ive never done somethign like this before. how would i go about doing this? the bone is still in the tail, and there is no flesh attatched to the start of the tail, my cat was very neat. thanx!

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Salt it

This response submitted by b bishop on 09/18/2003. ( )

There is very little meat in the tail so you can just salt the raw end and lay it in the position you want and let dry a few week to a month in a dry area . no need to get any more complicated than that.

Incorrect information.

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 09/19/2003. ( )

The meat in a squirrel tail must be removed or it will decompose and begin to stink badly, besides also it will draw insect pests to the tail and will be ruined over a matter of time.

You must remove the meat completely and place a material like borax into the tail cavity to act as a dessicant and to help to prevent secondary destruction. Even after doing that Sue, you will have a very stiff tail once it dries out and will not resemble to fluffy flexible object you see on a live squirrel. For that you must tan it. To remove the tail bone, slice down the skin until you can get a pair of pliers around the base and with the right pull, the entire tail bone can be removed all together.


This response submitted by b bishop on 09/19/2003. ( )

All these years of doing it the easy way , saving tails to send to mepps company and now I have to start tanning the things - dang, leave it to a taxidermologist to take the profit out of things ! LOL

Why not

This response submitted by Them Rookie on 09/19/2003. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Pull the flesh and bone out of the tail , put in some instant preserve, and install a manufactured tail ? And thats keeping it simple , unless you want to use wire and cotton batting to reproduce an image of the tail you just pulled. Jeff F.

I had assumed she wanted to save it

This response submitted by The Taxidermologist on 09/20/2003. ( )

I meant no insult to you Brad, but I couldn't let the info stand. What you send to mepps where they slice off the hair and attach to a lure is much different than what I assumed Sue wish - which was a fluffy, flexible, preserved tail. I had no idea where she lives, or even the species of squirrel she had, but assuming a gray squirrel (as it's most common) there is far too much meat to just let it set out to dry. It would begin to stink if you had it on a kitchen counter.

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