Essential tools list?

Submitted by JIMC on 12/18/2003. ( )

I am new to this (just starting my first mount) I want to do things RIGHT! I am going to try one or 2 on my own to see if I really like it as much as I think I do before investing money into a school or one on one training. I have already ordered Sally Dahmes video and have a couple reference books. So besides a knife what would be a basic list of tools to get started? I am pretty good at figuring things out and finding ways to work around not having something. But if you had to list some essential tools for a beginner what would they be?

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Most essential tool

This response submitted by Leanna on 12/18/2003. ( )

Is the archives. Here, these titles will help you start your search...good luck to you!

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here I go.....

This response submitted by Joe T on 12/18/2003. ( )

I know I'm going to foget something but here it goes...

Maesuring - paper tape measure, lg. and sm. calipers

Skinning/Fleshing/Splitting - any sharp knife, (I go to a scapel when I get to the face)

Salting - salt, salting rack or pallet (use what you want)

Pickle - pickling chrystals, some kind of bins 2 of them, (I use 33 gal. drums cut in half 5.00 at a recycling center)

Shaving/Thinning - I'm still primative and use a scapel take for ever but does a good job if you send the time, if your serious buy a fleshing machine (should almost be called a thinning machine)

Tanning - uses what ever your tan calls for (brush on - oil 2 3/4" paintbrush works good, or if you have to submerse the cape get another bin)

Mounting - everyone uses diffrent things! You'll need something to position the hide, lip and eye tucking tool, clay and clay shaping tools, rasp or wire brush to rough up the mannikin, hide paste w/brush to apply, small rasps to shape nose, needle and thread, ear linners/bondo w/chop fiberglass, mounting stand.

Finishing - airbrush w/paints, or good set of paintbrushs w/ oil paints, modge podge or something for nose, grooming brush, fan for drying

Your going to run in to more things that you will need but I can't think of anything else off hand. Someone will expand on this I'm sure!


This response submitted by Dan P on 12/18/2003. ( )

Dont forget the bandaids for your hands after the fleshing you might need them if you use a butcher knife for fleshing . a butcher knife works but wear a glove on the hand that you dont have the knife in.

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