skinning coyotes

Submitted by chad on 02/04/2004. ( )

Im having a heck of a time Doral skinning a coyote. getting the hide off the body. But anyway can you do a L/S mount by case skinning them my videos and books show me with a doral incision.And if so do you have to cut the mannikin to get the hide on? Thanks for any help.

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forgot something

This response submitted by Chad on 02/04/2004. ( )

If case skinning a coyote will the waste fit over the chest since the chest is so much larger than the waste.


This response submitted by bill on 02/04/2004. ( )

you can, as far as cutting the mannikin, it is far better for me to cut the mannikin and piece it in than to do a lot of sewing. I would much rather put the mannikin back together and have less to sew than the other way around, but that's just me, some would rather sew, it's a matter of preference.

Tube it!

This response submitted by The Rookie on 02/04/2004. ( NaturesTrophies@aol )

Save yourself some sewing. And I do pity you messing with those stinky @#$%! Smell stays in your nasal passages forever. A little vicks under your nose does work well while skinning though.(archives) Have Fun! Jeff F.


This response submitted by wilson on 02/04/2004. ( )

This is where I need some help; you said tubing would save sewing.
We will just take the fox I did today,,,to tub it is 10 inches up each
leg and 3 inches across=23 inches,,,now dorsal cut it; same fox 18 inches. Old math that comes to 5 inches differents.

That's tube skinning all 4 paws, more difficult on a fox then most but doable.

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