Fur Gone!

Submitted by Sherri on 02/04/2004. ( fishg@cox.net )

Need help, this is my second deer mount and I did the same as before. Salted, 2 times, fleshed thoroughly then rinsed and tanned. I am having the hair on the back of the ears is coming off in large patches. It doesnt seem to be happening anywhere else. Did I leave the ears turned out too long. What can I do to save this mount. Thx's for any help.

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Sounds like bacteria.

This response submitted by JOhn C on 02/04/2004. ( )

The only times I have had this problem is if the blood and body fluids pooled on the backs of the ears. My bet is thats what happened during salting.

Have a good slant on your salting table, and lay the face or pack the face with a bed of salt.

Wet ears

This response submitted by Rick on 02/04/2004. ( )

Sounds like it may have been frozen while it was still wet?

salted first?

This response submitted by Hogger on 02/05/2004. ( )

Didja salt first and then flesh? If so, does that mean you turned the ears after the salting? When hair slips it's usually the ears that go first. They are sensitive. If you have a dry cape that hasn't been left out for too long in warm weather you should be able to turn the ears and salt the flesh side as soon as your done turning them and then work the rest of the hide, you should have no problems.

No, fleshed then salted.

This response submitted by Sherri on 02/05/2004. ( )

The cape was originally frozen, I thawed then fleshed thoroughly and then fleshed. I then salted, shook out and salted again, then rinsed with skin prep. Fleshed once more, just to get some of the membrane and meat that was missed. Then tanned, after 1 day I flipped the ears right side out and alot of the fur was missing on one side, the other ear wasnt as bad. Can I fix this any way to make the one ear look better or is this the way that it has to stay?

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