Hair slip ?

Submitted by Jay Parke / Legacy taxidermy on 02/02/2004. ( )

I have never had a problem with hair slip until resently. I had 2 capes slip spots this week around the back of the ear butts. The capes were both questionable when I tanned them ( Lutan method ). The Question is at what point is it appropriate to patch a slip rather than replace the cape? With customer aproval of course.And would pasting and tacking the patch directly to the slip be ok ? Any help would be great.

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If its not too large

This response submitted by Cris on 02/02/2004. ( )

You can use the cut off part from the brisket area near the armpits to make a patch since the hair is short like it is on the ear butts. Just take it and lay it over the damaged area until you find a hair pattern match.After the mount has dried, Cut out the slipped spot and repair with patch using super glue gell. If the spots are larger than a quarter I'd cut it out before mounting and sew it with transparent thread. There's usually alot of slack in the earbutt area anyway.


This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 02/02/2004. ( )

The loss of hair on the back of the ears is caused by ticks and the subsequent rubbing with a hoof. And, even if there isn't a bare spot prior to tanning, the skin itself is damaged/bruised and will sometimes slough off after tanning.

May not be the case with yours, but it does happen a lot.

Try painting them

This response submitted by Vicki Chritton-Myers on 02/03/2004. ( )

You might want to try misting the areas with some gray/brown paint or skin stain.

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