Cartiliners or bondo?

Submitted by Dawn on 02/02/2004. ( )

What supplier(s) supply cartiliners? OR would bondo work better since deer is already salt dried with cartiliges still in ears?

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This response submitted by lee on 02/02/2004. ( )

remove the cartilidge after you tan it, or after a tannery tans it. i know people who love bondo for ears, but personnaly i would remove the cartilidge and use a good earliner

cartlidge liners

This response submitted by Troy on 02/03/2004. ( )

McKenzie has them and they work great, just be sure to use a good adhesive like Epo-Grip or the cartlidg liner adhesive also sold by McKenzie.

Greatly appreciate info about cartiliners vs bondo. Thanks!

This response submitted by Dawn on 02/03/2004. ( )

Thanks for the fast response to my question about cartiliners vs bondo. I have ordered a McKenzie catalog, but have not yet received it. Next deer I may try removing the cartilage to see the difference. Thanks again!

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