Fleshing/Shaving with Wire Wheel?

Submitted by Sharon on 02/06/2004. ( )

We are new to Taxidermy, and have tried to flesh/shave after PreTan 110 with a wire wheel. It has performed better than with scissors, but it is still not as smooth as I think it should be. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to better do this with a wire wheel or grinding wheel? (We do plan to purchase a mini-flesher in the spring, but need to be efficient now.) Thanks for your help!

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This response submitted by bill on 02/06/2004. ( )

smoth, they don't need to be smoth if your mounting them,but how ever not lumpy niether, a wire wheel work's great for me the flesh side aint got to be prety any way you wont see it after it's mounted.

but the tanner get's them smoth because the have the proper tool's

wich could cost thousand's for home tanning a wire wheel doe's me great.
i hpoe this helped

A large wheel.

This response submitted by John C on 02/06/2004. ( )

Smooth does count on short haired animals!

You need a large diameter wire wheel. This will give you a larger surface area to remove the membrane and fat with.

Now if you are tanning flat skins, i.e. rugs and throws. When the skin is tanned and dried, before oiling you can sand it on a large drum sander or use a palm sander, use 36 grit sand paper. this gives you the suede look. After you are happy with the finish use 50/50 bisulfanated tanning oil and hot water, brushing the mixture on the hides, two nice coats 2 hours apart. let soak it and dry a bit then tumble for flexability.

Drop me a line

This response submitted by Ray on 02/06/2004. ( hunterray2002@yahoo.com )

Drop me an email. and maybe i can help you with the wire wheel part .I do all my shaving on wire wheel. And maybe i can help you out. Ray

Fleshing with a wire wheel

This response submitted by Roadkill on 02/07/2004. ( Gossard@gtelco.net )

I can tell you are trying to push the skin into the wheel to hard. This makes the wheel dig into a area to far and leave a dip look to the spot where it matches up to the round wheel head. You need to work slowly, and let the wheel remove the skin and move the skin across the wheel. I hold the skin in my hands, about eight to twelve inches apart, I pull the skin tightly, then let the wire wheel grabe the skin next to my hand and I then slowly move the skin toward my other hand. All the presure you need is just to hold the skin from being ripped out of your hand. Light presure is all that is needed.
You can remove flesh, membrain, and thin the skin evenly all at the same time, and do a section about six inches wide by twelve inches long in about 20 seconds or so, maybe longer.
I have a fleshing machine, but I still can get the skin smoother and
nicer looking with the wire wheel. Also, I can do all the delicate parts like the lips, eyelids, tear ducts, and ears. When I get done, the skin is veyr thin, and looks like it is smooth as paper. It is a technique that comes with time on the equipment. I belive a video or CD maybe coming out to help describe the process better, at least I have talked with someone that has the ambition to do so.


This response submitted by Sharon on 02/07/2004. ( )

Thanks to all of you for your tips and help. Tried a wheel today and it worked great. Again, thanks!

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