I did it! Thanks.

Submitted by Steve-o on 02/09/2004. ( )

I mounted my first ever whitetail deer yesterday. Thank you to everyone of you who gave me advice on this forum. It looks like a deer! My question is basically 'what now'? The books and videos that I have really don't say where to put pins. I had my face very thin and used Buckeye Supreme. My concern is that the deer head is in my finished basement where it is regular room temp to dry. I understand that the faster it dries the more chance of shrinkage. Any advice on pinning and what to do as it dries?
Thank you in advance.
ps. This is not as easy as it looks on a video.

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bag it

This response submitted by wetnwild on 02/09/2004. ( )

Try putting a plastic bag over the head and secure it closed at the neck. It will slow down the drying process

That Cool

This response submitted by dalos on 02/09/2004. ( bughunter15@yahoo.com )

Hey steve-o that cool that you done your own deer. Iam to. I hope you have fun doing it.

pin every where

This response submitted by greg on 02/09/2004. ( )

The best places to pin are in areas thst will lift of the form also
called druming, try to pin in between the nose and eyes, down
between the eye and ear, throat, then take screen, i cut up old sreen doors, and cut into strips then lay a strip down the neck where the two neck muscles meet and pin the screen in the low spot there, same on the other side, that will keep it from druming and give you alittle definition of the neck.don't forget about the brisket too, pin all that up.Screen works good on the neck stitching to keep the hair to lay down. hope that helps some what. Then keep a eye on it as it dries so if any thing moves you might be able to move it back or fix it before it totally dries, dont be scared to pin anywhere and everywhere.

If you

This response submitted by Mike Dunbar on 02/09/2004. ( )

roughed up the form and used Buckeye and are sure you got it everywhere, then you should not have to pin it at all. But the day after you mount it you need to go back and smooth out the creases and poke some air holes with a T pin in them so any trapped air can be released. Buckeye will lock that hide down. Also, you need to check you lip slot the next few days and make sure the skin stays in place as it dries and well as the lower lip. After one day I take the plastic out of the nostrils and check the skin, move it if necessary and stuff it again. Check everything, ears, eyelids, lacrimal crease, brisket alignment, armpit skin for drumming, and smooth out crease areas. And using a plastic bag on the head is also a good idea provided you have a good tan. You can even mist areas with water. Also, I like to put a little proplus oil and water on the nose pad and eye area to slow down the drying time and to help these areas stay soft. I'm no expert,(but this works for me) and I am sure others have their way too, so you could also check previous posts.

That helps.

This response submitted by Steve-o on 02/09/2004. ( )

Those suggestions will help. Thanks.
By the way Mike, I am the guy that had the frozen Buckeye hide paste in Green Bay. I mixed it up until it was very creamy and it seems fine. I am looking forward to getting home tonight after work and working over the mount. This will be a good indoor hobby during the winter which should keep me out of trouble.

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