Heating Problem ?

Submitted by Greg on 02/09/2004. ( )

I keep my shop warm by using a kerosene heater, it also runs on disel
when i walk inside you can smell it, now when my mounts are drying will the smell stay with the mount and the customer gets a stinky deer? thanks.

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The smell Is not the main thing

This response submitted by Tenbears on 02/09/2004. ( )

The smell will dissipate. However what I would be concerned with is residue. Kerosene heaters are not very clean burning. they produce suit. even when burning at their best. the suit from kerosene can contain small amounts of unburned oil. as this settles on the finished mount. it penetrates the hair. as time goes by. it acts as a bonding agent for dirt. the mount will look old a lot sooner than it should. simple Vacuuming, or dusting. will not remove future dirt as effectively. If I were you I would get a hang on ventless gas heater. or better yet, A vented one.

I agree

This response submitted by Terri on 02/09/2004. ( thaken@chartermi.net )

I totally agree with Tenbears. I used to heat my hunting camp with kerosene. There was a residue on everything. Even the dishes inside the cupboard had the black residue on them. I wouldn't use a kerosene heater to heat my shop!


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