help on pig ideal

Submitted by Texas on 02/09/2004. ( )

I picked up 2 hogs and the capes appear way to short. From base of ear to end of cape kneck is 9". I don't think there is a form that stops at the kneck. I have looked in Van Dykes and MCKensie and WASCO. If there is a form that is just from the kneck up let me know. If not I'll tell the guy he's out of luck. Thanks Texas

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Short caped, just cut the form off.

This response submitted by John C on 02/09/2004. ( )

Cut the form off and bondo a backboard on, not any big deal


This response submitted by Kevin on 02/10/2004. ( )

... you could scallop the back and make a short pedestal. Pull the cape over the manakin, mark the shortest points that the cape reaches, and start trimming the manakin. A sawzall with a long blade makes short work of the main cuts. Just make sure you have enough cape to finish the edge.

Wait a minute...

This response submitted by Hogger on 02/13/2004. ( )

I'm assuming this would be the first hogs you're trying to mount? If so, you might be surprized. If they were not big hogs, that 9 inches could be normal. I find hogs are notoious for having that "cut too short appearance. Go ahead and orde your forms. Others have given you sound advice if your cape is indeed too short. BUT it just might fit the whole mannikin. Wait and see.

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