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I have a whitetail rack that the skull plate was cut to short and at the wrong angle. There is not enough skull material to cut and get the fit I need. What can I do?

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estimate the eye to base of antler distance, or better yet, fit the cape and figure out where the horns need to go. on average, most of my deer have a measurement of 2 1/4 from the center of the eye to the edge of the antler. after you figure out where they go, use some shims to build up the height, then mix your bondo, fiberglass shrands will help thicken the bondo and will make it alot easier on you. hope this helps!

skull cap

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Research carries a skull cap repair mold that can be clamped under the
burrs and then packed with bondo and fiberglass strand mixed.
This makes a very strong, simple repair that has the shape of the original skull cap.
It's re-useable and inexpensive, very handy to keep around.

skull cap fix

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thanks for the help on the bondo idea for fixing a short skull problem

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