How to clean an antique bear skull?

Submitted by David Weir on 02/10/2004. ( )

Hi. I realise this question might be a bit off topic but I haven't found any better place to ask it.
The skull I want to clean is rather old and may be brittle, and I dont want it to be white, just clean, so I don't want to boil it in peroxide or something that drastic, but it definitely needs to be fixed up.
I think that maby the previous owner was a smoker or something, it is covered in some discusting brownish-yellow dirt.
I am thinking some solvent/detergent om a cottonswab, what do you think?

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Dish soap

This response submitted by Raven on 02/10/2004. ( )

Nice warm water and DAWN dish soap should do the trick. Use a rag and rub in small little circles and it should all come right off.

It coudl have been that the skull was not properly degreased that caused the problem - or just life in a home... grime can come from anywhere. End result is the same - some dawn dish soap and a rag with warm water should get you all spiffy clean =)

On a side note - ya don't boil stuff in peroxide. If you chose to boil or simmer skulls (a procedure I highly recommend against using), the peroxide comes in later as a whitening step - but you don't boil it in peroxide.

Good luck =)

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