small racks for begginers

Submitted by northwesternnative on 02/07/2004. ( )

i have 6 small sets can get pics $15 each + shipping also have some small uncleaned 2x2 w/t and mule deer skulls ill get back with size of racks some are 5x5 basket racks.

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interested in racks

This response submitted by john h on 02/08/2004. ( )

do you still have those racks availiabe, i am new at this and they would make great practice! thank you write back and i will give you my #

still have all

This response submitted by northwesternnative on 02/08/2004. ( )

still have all of them my email address is above. if you want to email me.

all are sold

This response submitted by native on 02/10/2004. ( )

all are sold thanks john.

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