Coyote form and change-out head questions

Submitted by SeaBass on 02/12/2004. ( )

FORM SIZE: I have a coyote I want to do a lifesize mount on. The yotes measurements are 4 1/4 x 39 x 22 1/2. I found a mannakin I like from WASCO that's 4 1/4 x 38 x 23. Thats seems like a pretty close match to me, but I'm worried im not leaving enough margin of error. There are a few Jim Allred forms with measurements slightly smaller, such as a 4 1/4 x 36 x 21. Am I safer to go with the smaller form or should I use the one that fits my measurements? Also, I saw in the archives a suggestion that you measure off the carcass... should I be doing this instead?
CHANGE-OUT HEAD: I also found a matching-size change-out head with lips, nose and jaw already cast into the this a good idea for my first yote? I don't have experience with lip tucking...also, is there a change-out head with a closed mouth available?
Thanks to all who read this and hopefully will respond.
yes, I know it probably sounds like I'm getting out of my league with this yote, but it was a roadkill and it's either mount it or toss it...

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I always order the form a couple inches shorter

This response submitted by John C on 02/12/2004. ( )

You need room to move the skin around and adjust the hair patterns.

Go with the correct girth.

Change out head is up to you, open of closed, since everyting is cast into the head go for it.

two cents...

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Shorten the length and you will gain girth! Add to the length and you will decrease the girth! An inch here or there shouldn't bother you but if you go too small it will trouble you just as much. Remember that the skin lets out after fleshing and a tan such as the Krowtann you ask about in another post shouldn't shrink too bad and have plenty of stretch. I see no problem with the form you already selected. But, then again this is just my personal opinion.

Best of luck with whatever you choose!

as far as measuring

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If it is a northern coyote with about 1/2 " of fat under the skin, if you measure off the animal when whole, you will get a measurement that is about 3" larger or more in gorth than the actual carcass without the fat. I always measure the hide after it has been fleshed as this is what you are going to be dealing with.Like John said, if the girth is correct, it is much easier to adda little length if neede if the girth is correct, than to take down or add to the girth, as this efects the whole animals anatomy. Then again, it is always a little easier to take some of the form away, than to add, but only to a point.All depemnds on your level of experience

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