Pheasant tail feathers falling out

Submitted by Ron Seabolt on 02/10/2004. ( )

First and formost, This is a great website. I'm New of course and have many questions but here's my first. I have several small animals and birds to mount in the future. In regards to the a pheasant I have shot off 3 tail feathers during hunting but kept them the bird is in the freezer and would like to mount it as soon as I get my form. Never mounted one and will learn at that time with a kit. Is this a real big deal or can they be glued back in or something?

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This response submitted by fred on 02/10/2004. ( )

i cut the tail off any way, just like a turkey(?do you have a turkey video?)any way i take the tail off at the base above his butt.

then i pisition them the way i need for the pose, the i mix a two part poxy os scalp all,bondo then i bond them as the poxy start's to kick off i insert a 2 inch t-pin in the mix as it dry's i mount the bird asusale then shuve the t-pin in the mannikin wher it goes.

all so good way to do it if your shipping thebird to a costomer.

Thanks for the tips

This response submitted by Ron S on 02/13/2004. ( )


Thanks for the tip. I was glad to hear that this can be repaired. Hope to mount the bird very soon. I just got my videos on mounting phensants standing and flying. Wish me luck

Thanks again

from Newbee

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