should i assume it's junk?

Submitted by bob m on 02/10/2004. ( bmontenero )

i've inquired twice, response. caribou cape has been tanned and frozen for at least 2 years.when it was defrosted enough to inspect it , it's loaded with green mould. can it be saved . thank you bob m.

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It's Junk

This response submitted by LEAPIN on 02/10/2004. ( )

It is junk. I would not mount it for myself so I sure wouldn't mount it for a customer.

? junk?

This response submitted by // on 02/10/2004. ( )

i wuld email bruce Rittel and ask him

Mold. In Freezer?

This response submitted by Tenbears on 02/11/2004. ( )

Mold Rarely damages tanned leather. The expression is If leather molds, it still has plenty of use in it. If the cape was properly tanned. I would wash the hide with an anti fungal, and mount it. providing it is not slipping or anything. The mold will not hurt anything. Although I must say, It is odd for mold to grow in a freezer that is working.

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