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Submitted by Johnny on 02/13/2004. ( mercer298@mchsi.com )

I searched the archives and found what I believe is my answer to my glue choice, but like some opinions. My son and I just finished our first mount a WT deer shoulder mount using a beginner kit from WASCO. Turned out very nice except some drumming around the brisket area. Most likely didn"t rough manikin enough. We have one more deer and a raccoon to mount. I have tanned the raccoon with Krowtann 2000 and plan to tan the deer cape. I need to order the materials for the raccoon to mount and wanted to try Epo glue for it and the deer. It sound like this glue will dry too fast for me, so the next best adhesive I came up with was the Buckeye Supreme for better adhering and a longer drying time.
WASCO, Thanks for this forum and the advice from the pros. Also as a beginner it was well worth the money to buy a skinning knife and fleshing knife. I bought a Victorinox skinning knife and have skinned 3 raccoons and 1 bobcat and I really liked it. The fleshing with the 2 in 1 fleshing knife on a PVC pipe worked so much better and easier than those razor blades.
Thanks Johnny

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Several things may have cause the drumming.

This response submitted by John C on 02/13/2004. ( )

Pulling to much skin over the back of the deer. work more skin onto the deer. You can also use 1/8th inch sq. hardware cloth to hold the skin in the brisket. long pins will also help.

You are just starting so it will not help you to use Epo-Grip 2part.

You will need to adjust the skin for a couple days.

Epo-Grip is not for beginners, once it sets over night its a done deal. Stick with water based. Watchout as some Waterbased dont work well with DP or Borax.

Buckeye Supreme will work

This response submitted by Heath Cline on 02/13/2004. ( heath6799@yahoo.com )

Buckeye Supreme will work with your KrowTann, I have been using both on all of my deer this year. Not saying anything bad about Epo-Grip because it will also work. But I agree with John, the drumming was more than likely not because of your glue, just need to adjust the skin. It is too easy to pull that skin too far back on your mounts.

I too am new at this and...

This response submitted by Steve-o on 02/13/2004. ( )

I used Buckeye Supreme on my first deer mount (which I did last Sunday). It was nice to work with and I did not have any drumming. The only thing that I would have done differently would be the adhesive used with my earliners. The inner ears still aren't dry. Maybe the Epo-Grip would be a better choice for the earliners. It seems that as long as you have trimmed the earliners to fit properly prior to gluing them in, the Epoxy based glue should give you enough time to get the ear skin properly aligned. I am going to try it with my deer mount this weekend. Just my thought.

Thanks John,Heath and Steve

This response submitted by Johnny on 02/14/2004. ( mercer298@mchsi.com )

Thanks for help and time. Have a nice Valintine's Day.

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